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 "Rumor has it that Wide Tim double-majors in eating and sleeping, but his sole mission is to make people happy and smile.  And by all accounts, he excels at his job. "
- MIT News

A joyful, plump beaver who also happens to be the only sleeping and eating double-major at MIT, Wide Tim dedicates to his dreams of growing wide and spreading happiness across campus by constantly engaging in campus activities and cultural phenomenons.

I first created Wide Tim on February 13th, 2021 in a guest post on @mitadmissions. Though originally a one-off artwork, it quickly gained popularity among MIT's diverse communities, which allowed Wide Tim to grow wider and gain momentum towards a new goal: spreading happiness in and out of MIT.

From then on, Wide Tim has collaborated with numerous student organizations, events, and even courses to promote art, culture, and well-being on MIT's campus while actively participating in de-stressing and cheerful initiatives, sometimes in collaboration with official MIT sources:

MIT Admissions: [NYE 2022] [EA 2027] [AdMITted site 2027] [
@MITStudents:[pi day][news feature]
@MITpics/MIT on FB: [commencement 2022] [news feature] [Final szn]
MIT admissions blog features: [13 Theses][Student Team] [Welcome Center]

In addition, Wide Tim was a key photo booth component at MIT's Campus Preview Weekend 2022. He was also featured on MIT news and MIT Technology Review. Wide Tim and I are grateful for the community's outpouring love for him; together, we are continually committed to bringing happiness to those around us!
(Feb 2023 update: Wide Tim has a website now!)


@big_dijkstra_energy is an Instagram comic handle co-created in December 2020 by Gloria L. '22, Audrey Cui '24, Penny Brant '24, and myself - then all undergraduates at MIT, united by our common love for artistic expression and science (albeit different branches).

Taking on advanced concepts from college-level STEM courses with a humorous spin, we created hundreds of original STEM-inspired, family-friendly pick-up lines to bring levity to the MIT and STEM community. Amidst the height of COVID, we produced and distributed 3000 Valentine's Day cards to undergraduates returning to campus in Spring 2021 with the help of MIT MindHandHeart (we wrote a very heartfelt blog about this experience - read here!). In addition, we have also held two successful pick-up line tournaments open to MIT undergraduates; our artwork have been featured on MIT's facebook page, @mitadmissions, and the 2021 math symposium at Brown University.

All images shown above are publicly available and created by myself under @big_dijkstra_energy.

MIT RingComm 2023

Disclaimer: this (publicly available) image belongs to Herff Jones. 

As a part of MIT's unique class ring tradition, in their first-year spring, each class year elects a 12-member committee known as the Ring Committee (RingComm) to spend the next year designing and marketing a class ring (lovingly dubbed "Brass Rat")  unique to their class. 

I served as an artist and a co-publicity chair of RingComm 2023. My role-specific responsibilities included designing the 2023 ring logo, working with representatives at Herff Jones to finalize ring design drafts, designing promotional material for the Ring Premiere (where the design makes its first debut) and Ring Delivery (the grand ball where students receive their rings), and managing active RingComm social media accounts. 


The Borderline

The Borderline @ MIT [1] is MIT's own augmented-reality mural club responsible for the 200-ft mural tunnel in MIT, murals at MIT's Banana Lounge, and various public art/animation projects at MIT as well as in the Boston area. 

I joined The Borderline's executive board in my first semester, eventually producing 4 murals and 2 animations. In Spring 2020, I contributed to Borderline's Tunnel66 project, an art initiative that strived to keep the MIT community connected through art in the height of COVID.

I also served as Borderline's co-president in calendar year 2021, leading the Welcome Center Storywall project - a 30 by 7 feet installation on the first floor of MIT's new Welcome Center - under significant COVID restrictions. In a semester, Borderline selected over 40 student artists and arranged logistics to help students finish their artwork. The installation would stay at Welcome Center for a year before moving to MIT's Atlas Center (E17) semi-permenantly.

MIT CMS.306: Making Comics

I took CMS.306: Making Comics and Sequential art at MIT with Prof. Mauricio Cordero in Spring 2022. I made 3 comics in this course (the final project is shown on the right) and designed the cover of the anthology (the collection of student works) as shown below.

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