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Math & CS Pick-up Line Webcomic

We are 4 MIT students that share a passion for art, doodling, and our respective STEM majors! Together, we strive to bring to the world more wholesomeness from a STEM perspective through our artistic depictions of family-friendly love languages from the math/science nerds :D


21 Summer Days of a 12-year-old

Published Book (2018)

At age 12 and end of 7th grade, I was already ready for nostalgia - the summer before 8th grade felt like my last opportunity to enjoy large, carefree chunks of childish fun before moving into a brand new stage of life (i.e. adolescence, ugh), and what better way to have it than to explore amazing food and brand new cultural knowledge from the other side of the world? 

With my American family friend Kelley, I got to experience summer as an "American" 12-year-old girl - and everything I think & remember about this life-changing 3-week experience is in this book right here! 

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